Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Self portrait

Self portrait

Portrait is not just about the face or what is unique or distinct features we posses as an individual but rather our individual concept whatever that may be. An outline of life, an impression of the world we live in our relationship therein, with or without detail.

The suggestion of a self portrait has to do with the self, not with what we have been indoctrinated in believing what this concept should be or not. To stretch our imagination to go in a new direction, the saying “to go where no man has gone before” the inner world is yet less explored then we may think.

Who are we just a figment of our imagination in bodied in skin or the illusion of reality that we have learned to believe in. What is right for one person is boring to another let us explore the simple to the sublime, because we are all this and more, much more than we can conceptualize in this life.

The image that I made of myself is mot a passport or a so called normal photograph that would fit into our respective traditions and costumes in our society, we have reached the twenty first century don’t you know! We believe we are thinking outside the box but guess what, there is a bigger box we are in now and another box outside this box and so on and on. What truly would enable me not to see any box; the up look frees us for earthly limitations look up to a new way of thinking no not new it has always been but maybe we haven’t discovered it yet. Keep looking not at others their work their influence, but rather keep looking up to new inexperienced possibilities.

Let’s explore this self image just for arguments sake. Begin with the for- ground, what is under the earth that can’t be seen in our logical mind, the underworld that has fascinated so many writers. In this image it suggests a place of rocks, hardness, solid support, stone upon stone, and layer upon layer. Let us look up a wee bit, a platform a place where we can find solid footing and yet it is only a shadow of reality, the shadow of a human. Who is he of no consequence, just an impression an outline? Look up and what do we see; Earth swirling at a dizzying speed, is it a reality? Look up and we see heavenly dazzling colors, meshed, or is it only my world!

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